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Fall Of The Leafe - August Wernicke (8/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Icarus
Playing time: 52:02
Band homepage: Fall Of The Leafe


  1. Into The Autumnsphere
  2. Deference, Diminuend
  3. Platinum
  4. I Feathe To The Juniper
  5. Machina Mimesis (In The Corner Cafe)
  6. Lectured By The Demons Of Dreams
  7. Wonder Clouds Rain
  8. Effloresce Black & White
  9. In The Morning Mood A Utopia-Revelation
  10. Bleak Picture, August
Fall Of The Leafe - August Wernicke

If there was a Black Metal band anywhere on earth that could be compared to SKYCLAD this would be it. FALL OF THE LEAFE is a Finnish extreme band that incorporates Folk-elements into the normal blastbeats we are accustomed to.

The band dives headlong into a relatively new form of Black Metal that is executed perfectly, reserved guitar melodies intertwining funeral keyboards, vocals dual personifying between soft sung PINK FLOYDish passages and accessible Grind-dementia, all dragged together by a concept too hard for me to follow (it seems this August Wernicke was a once important guy).

I don't know about this music, dudes, sometimes you just gotta scratch your head at what's coming out of your speakers (I for one miss the heaviness) This progressive piece of Grind replaces heaviness for a fear born of silence and peace. Allowing the listener too much room to think, therefore too much thought resulting in truckloads of damp, wilted depression.

FALL OF THE LEAFE attaching themselves to a really effective form of poison-me Metal that leaves me a little dumbfounded (I'll give it an 8, which is the highest rating for me for a band I will only play once a year). Watch out for these guys, because if you don't get them, they might just get you.

Peter Konstantatos

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