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Silke Bischoff - Phoenix From The Flames (3/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: E-Wave
Playing time: 49:49
Band homepage: Silke Bischoff


  1. Felix In The Sky
  2. This Is My Life
  3. Phoenix From The Flames
  4. Shining Star
  5. Marry Me
  6. Down In The Park
  7. Wie eine Feder
  8. Daddy's Coming
  9. She's Leaving Home
  10. Love Never Dies
  11. Into The Sea
  12. Aj:Na
Silke Bischoff - Phoenix From The Flames
One thing from the start, I still regard the name of SILKE BISCHOFF as tasteless and inappropriate, but, well...

But what is this? Is it Gothic? Is it Wave? Is it Pop? One thing is for sure, it's nothing for me! Some of you already know that I have a quite broad musical taste that is not limited to Rock and Metal, but what this duo has created skilfully manoeuvres around my taste-receptors.

Sure, here and there you can find some guitars, but overall it's quite poppy and also a bit dark, sometimes underlaid by Dancefloor-beats and very easy listening.

For crypt-guardians maybe a revelation, for me, ehm, well, I think I better hold my tongue...

Alexander Melzer

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