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Threshold - Wounded Land (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 1993

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Giant Electric Pea Limited
Playing time: 57:46
Band homepage: Threshold


  1. Consume To Live
  2. Days Of Dearth
  3. Sanity's End
  4. Paradox
  5. Surface To Air
  6. Mother Earth
  7. Siege Of Baghdad
  8. Keep It With Mine
Threshold - Wounded Land
In 1993 the Britons of THRESHOLD released their debut and already then it had been heralded as milestone of Progressive Metal. Crowned by a fantastic artwork it contained quite demanding, very intelligently arranged pieces, which, contrary to many other Prog Metal-bands, always remained accessible, the song clearly stood in the foreground, there was no need for superfluous solo-show-offs.

Songs like "Consume To Live", "Mother Earth" or "Siege Of Baghdad" clearly show the experience that the Gentlemen Groom, West und Co. had gathered before, no frills, only effective high-class song-material, which feature the keyboards in a important role, but still the guitars always are in the foreground. Additionally Damian Wilson excels on the microphone...

Without doubt one of the most influential albums of the Progressive Metal-scene, for genre-fans a must!

Alexander Melzer

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