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Blood Divine, The - Awaken (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 1996

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 52:10
Band homepage: Blood Divine, The


  1. So Serene
  2. Moonlight Adorns
  3. Visions (Of A Post-Apocalyptic World): Part I
  4. Wilderness
  5. These Deepest Feelings
  6. Aureole
  7. Oceans Rise
  8. Artemis
  9. In Crimson Dreams
  10. Heart Of Ebony
  11. Warm Summer Rain
Blood Divine, The - Awaken
After his departure (or firing?) from ANATHEMA, the THE BLOOD DIVINE-album "Awaken" had been the first life-sign of singer Darren J White. Musically not too far away from his former band, it contained, roughly said, Gothic Metal with gruff vocals, but the quality had been subject to much discussion, because you couldn't accuse the material of too apparent accessibility.

Mostly between doomy and mid-paced, the vocal-lines and some of the melodies seemed a little strange, truly mass-compatible had been something different. But when suddenly a picked acoustic guitar with emotional vocals ("These Deepest Feelings") starts to sound, after a dark opening, straight mid-tempo with organ and a melancholic guitar-melody ("Aureole") sets in, the intensity rises from second to second ("Artemis") or they just convince through the very dense atmosphere ("Warm Summer Rain"), then you will realise after a few listens that there is more to this album than you originally had thought.

All fans of MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA and consorts should check out "Awaken", for it might be that they find a new friend!

Alexander Melzer

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