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Erben Der Schöpfung - Elis (9/10) - Liechtenstein - 2001

Genre: Wave Metal
Label: M.O.S.
Playing time: 23:47
Band homepage: -


  1. Elis
  2. Elis (English Version)
  3. Elis (Remix by Noyce)
  4. Elis (Remix by Spiritual Cramp)
Erben Der Schöpfung - Elis
rom Liechtenstein hail the ERBEN DER SCHÖPFUNG ("heirs of creation"). As WELTENBRAND-mastermind Oliver Falk is responsible for the music I had expected Dark Wave, but "Elis" isn't...

Singer Sabine Dünser's voice would suit Wave and the atmosphere would so, too, but then there is a nice crisp guitar, which adds to the sound wonderfully. So what is it? Wave Metal? Interesting category and still it fits. Keyboard-created atmosphere, a fragile angelic voice and well-timed guitars.

Besides the German original there also is an English version and two remixes, which despite electronic elements (Noyce) and thanks to classical influences (Spiritual Cramp) offer us good variations of the original theme.

If the ERBEN DER SCHÖPFUNG can keep this level on the (hopefully) following long-player, then the dark scene should prepare for a future classic!

Alexander Melzer

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