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In Extremo - Sünder Ohne Zügel (9/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Medieval Metal
Label: Mercury
Playing time: 53:54
Band homepage: In Extremo


  1. Wind
  2. Krummavísur
  3. Lebensbeichte
  4. Merseburger Zaubersprüche II
  5. Stetit Puella
  6. Vollmond
  7. Die Gier
  8. Imnia Sol Temperat
  9. Le 'Or Chuyuchech
  10. Der Rattenfänger
  11. Óskasteinar
  12. Nature Nous Semont
  13. Unter dem Meer
  14. Vollmond (Video)
In Extremo - Sünder Ohne Zügel
The third full album of the Middle Age-metallers of IN EXTREMO. I had been anciously awaiting this one, also with a certain feeling of fear, if they could keep up the high level of "Verehrt und angespien". Now the 13 tracks are here in my player, conveniently packed onto one CD and even though IN EXTREMO anno 2001 are different somehow, they are no less great.

What is evident from the beginning, there is a more distinct line between the modern and the medieval elements. The bagpipes and all of that are not present all of the time anymore, but form a good symbiosis with the quite modern-sounding guitars and accentuate them very good, which suits the band just as well.

Overall there are more modern elements on this album, from drum-loops over keyboard-samples to the already mentioned modern guitar-sound, but still this is not detrimental to the atmosphere in general.

The opener "Wind" is rushing through like that, quite driving in its rhythm, with a good combination of Modern and Middle Age. Another highlight without doubt is the second part of the "Merseburger Zaubersprüche", which just like the first one seems almost like an incantation of mystic rituals and oozes with a very dark atmosphere. In crass contrast we have the following "Stetit Puella", which is very straight and rocking, but in that just as good as the single-track "Vollmond" and the very good ballad "Die Gier". Add to that "Der Rattenfänger" and you have all highlights, but the rest of the songs are no fillers either!

There just have to be some people again, who will try to use something against the band for either the modern guitars or anything different, but everybody should normally be able to appreciate that the band has further refined their sound by at the same time defining the extremes of their music and bringing them closer together than ever, to achieve a true amalgamation of the modern and the Middle Age.

Different than before, bit still absolutely IN EXTREMO and in itself very good!

Alexander Melzer

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