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Manilla Road - The Deluge (10/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 42:09
Band homepage: Manilla Road


  1. Dementia
  2. Shadows In The Black
  3. Divine Victim
  4. Hammer Of The Witches
  5. Morbid Tabernacle
  6. Isle Of The Dead
  7. Taken By Storm
  8. The Deluge
  9. Friction In Mass
  10. Rest In Pieces
  11. Dementia - Live - (Bonus)
Manilla Road - The Deluge
As absolute die-hard-fan of this extraordinary band from Wichita, Kansas, I'd like to recommend this gem of Epic Metal to each young Metalhead. Beginning with the super-noble luxurious DigiPak, the great booklet and a remastered sound, the sound quality also has been considerably improved. Italian label Underground Symphony really has put quite some effort in this one. It's been a looong time since I finally could lay my hands on this re-release, the limited picture-vinyl that had been released a short time before the CD couldn't convince me sound-wise. Now many will say that a picture-disc isn't for listening, but to put it up on the wall! Maybe, surely looks great!

The music is among the best that MANILLA ROAD have ever recorded. Galloping riffs, unique, but great vocals, emotional acoustic breaks and an interesting concept make this album immortal. Especially the title-track "The Deluge" is a classic as is produced very, very rarely. The rest also is near-perfect, I know each song from the beginning to the end and back again! The album also is very catchy, so that even people, who never have heard anything by MANILLA ROAD should be captured at first listen! Mark Shelton himself, guitarist, singer and mastermind of the band, counts this album as his personal favourite! It won't make much sense to tell all those, who like all those polished bands, much about this band, it won't yield anything. Because MR-Metal rules!

You can order this gemstone at mail-orders like Hellion, Metal Merchant & Rising Sun!

Ralf Henn

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