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Projecto - Crown Of Ages (6/10) - Italy - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 55:19
Band homepage: Projecto


  1. Heart And Steel
  2. Guardian Soldiers
  3. Warrior Soul
  4. Innocent Eyes
  5. Black Sorcerer
  6. Thunder Of Love
  7. Fight In The Sky
  8. The Samain Tournament
  9. Blood And Faith
  10. Crown Of Ages
  11. Final Alliance
Projecto - Crown Of Ages
PROJECTO, the second. "Crown Of Ages" is the title and comes along with the already almost obligatory Luis Royo-cover for Italian Power/Speed. A positive beginning in itself, but unfortunately only too often it is rather warm air than a steelbath waiting inside.

The debut of the Italians had been quite OK, if not exactly something that made the band really stand out of the masses, even though they still had managed to be above average. After the flood had ebbed away a little (yet not as much as one would have hoped in the process of a healthy shrinking), I had hoped that the whole thing would also see at least some qualitative improvement…

Well, "Crown Of Ages" is what I'd call a solid Italo-Power-Speed-album, not more, not less. The guys really know their instruments, but unfortunately they still have not managed to come up with a sound of their own, even in nuances, there is nothing that would mark the band as PROJECTO, the average vocals not really helping either.

Embedded into a good Zenith-production we get a nice album that you can listen to without having to fear that your ears might fall off, but I neither see any outstanding qualities that would make me issue a recommendation, there are (also in Italy) too many better bands…

Alexander Melzer

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