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Death SS - Do What Thou Wilt (8/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: B.O. Records
Playing time: 55:51
Band homepage: Death SS


  1. The Awakening Of The Beast
  2. The Phoenix Mass
  3. Baron Samedi
  4. Scarlet Woman
  5. The Serpent Rainbow
  6. Crowley's Law
  7. Guardian Angel
  8. The Shrine In The Gloom
  9. The Way Of The Left Hand
  10. Liber Samekh
Death SS - Do What Thou Wilt

It's been my very first encounter with DEATH SS and because of the very tasteless name I had been very reserved about it, but just like the name is the short version for "In Death Of Steve Sylvester", the music, too, has been surprising, at least to me.

After a quite dark intro the opener "The Phoenix Mass" thunders out of the speakers at a quite high speed and bears a whole lot more melodies in itself than I originally had thought. The album covers all possible speeds, from balladesque ("The Serpent Rainbow") to fast ("The Phoenix Mass") and could musically be described as some sort of Gothic Metal, because it is in the vicinity, yet in the same breath it is not. Besides some traditional influences you can also detect modern elements like samples, modern sounding guitars or distorted vocals, but also atmospheric keyboards, organ or highly melodious six-strings.

As you can see, I am fighting for the right words, but "Do What Thou Wilt" has turned out to be surprisingly multi-faceted and should appeal Metalians of different genre-preferences...

P.S.: And do not wonder, the other 81 (!) tracks only are four-second-tracks of absolute silence...

Alexander Melzer

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