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Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World (9/10) - Germany - 1990

Genre: Speed Metal
Label: Virgin
Playing time: 48:38
Band homepage: Blind Guardian


  1. Traveler In Time
  2. Welcome To Dying
  3. Weird Dreams
  4. Lord Of The Rings
  5. Goodbye My Friend
  6. Lost In The Twilight Hall
  7. Tommyknockers
  8. Altair 4
  9. The Last Candle
  10. Run For The Night (Live)
Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World

After the first two rather thrashy albums BLIND GUARDIAN truly had found THEIR style with their 1991-release "Tales From The Twilight World": melodic, bombastic, epic Speed Metal.

Contrary to their following masterpieces "Somewhere Far Beyond", "Imaginations From The Other Side" and "Nightfall In Middle-Earth" you'll find more of their thrashy roots on this one, like on "Weird Dreams", "Tommyknockers" or partly on "Altair 4", but the epic melodies and grand choirs entwined with great riffs and a big portion of heaviness already reign supreme.

"Traveler In Time", "Welcome To Dying", "Goodbye My Friend" or the brilliant two-some of "Lost In The Twilight Hall" (still one of my all-time faves) and "The Last Candle", they all masterly combine heavy guitars, thundering drums and driving speed with grandiose melodylines and even more grandiose choirs, which you just have to sing along with on top of your voice... And calmer moments are not lost on BLIND GUARDIAN, "Lord Of The Rings" is the title of an absolutely cliché-free ballad, which seamlessly fits into the grandiose (oops, again) compositions.

With "Tales From The Twilight World" the band has set the foundation for their string of brilliant releases, which has made BLIND GUARDIAN one of the premier acts of German Heavy Metal!

Alexander Melzer

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