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Behemoth - Satanica (9,5/10) - Poland - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dwell Records
Playing time: 43:24
Band homepage: Behemoth


  1. Decade Of Oepion
  2. LAM
  3. Ceremony Of Shiva
  4. Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality
  5. The Sermon Of The Hypocrites
  6. Starspawn
  7. The Alchemist's Dream
  8. Chant For Exhation
Behemoth - Satanica
This is some of the best Death Metal I've found in YEARS! I'd always seen this album in all my local record stores, but because of the cover, I'd always assumed it was just more ho-hum "evil Black Metal". Not true. This is pure, brutal Death Metal, but unlike bands such as ANGEL CORPSE (RIP), KRISIUN and MORBID ANGEL, I find myself willing to listen to this stuff all day! This is not the case with aforementioned bands, where after a few songs, I want to move on.

Something about "Satanica" is very hypnotic for me. It may be drummer Inferno's....ahem...infernal psychotic blasting, or the virtual grab-bag of succulent riffs on display here that seem to get better and better with each song! Whereas if you hear any one KRISIUN-song, you pretty much know what the band is all about already, BEHEMOTH know how to play brutal AND mix it up at the same time. Opener "Decade Of Oepion" kicks in with a brilliant speed-picked riff and some blissfully blasphemous satanic chants, which brings me to another very strong point about BEHEMOTH: the vocals! It's oh-so-rare that you hear vocals as meaningful and direct (in Death Metal especially) as Nergal's. You can tell he really MEANS what he growls, instead of making the vocals a useless percussive entity like the sludge-Death bands and SUFFO-wannabes.

Other killer kuts inklude: "Ceremony Of Shiva", which begins with some of Inferno's skilled, yet tasteful chops, then goes into a stunning, IRON MAIDEN-esque hammer-on verse melody. "Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality" (no, this isn't a NILE-review) is full-force brutal directness; not particularly technical or revolutionary for Death Metal, just well-played and full of conviction, much more than you can ask for from 90% of the bands in this style today. Closing track "Chant For Exhation" sounds a bit like IN FLAMES in their "Lunar Strain"-era (in the riff department anyway) with it's midpaced tremolo picking, but of course it's no rip-off, it just reminded me of that classic Melodic Death masterpiece...a GOOD thing...

Overall, the only thing left for me to tell you about this album is that it has monopolized my CD-player for the past three weeks, and that is something I thought would never happen to me again with brutal Death Metal, but here I am basking in the beautiful evil of "Satanica", and it feels GREAT! Highly, highly recommended listening...

Gabriel Gose

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