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Iniquity - Five Across The Eyes (6,5/10) - Denmark - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pavement
Playing time: 39:48
Band homepage: -


  1. Inhale The Ghost
  2. Surgical Orb
  3. Sidereal Seas
  4. Random Bludgeon Battery
  5. From Tarnished Soil
  6. Reminiscene
  7. Pyres Of Atonement
  8. The Rigormortified Grip
  9. Forensic Alliance
Iniquity - Five Across The Eyes
Upon first listen to "Five Across The Eyes", two words that immediately spring to mind are "Cannibal" and "Corpse". INIQUITY are obviously influenced by them, especially in the guitar playing, with its myriad guitar-shrieks and pinch harmonics that positively REEK of the CORPSE (just listen to the first riff on "From Tarnished Soil" and tell me that isn't an overt CORPSE-rip off). However, I wouldn't just write this band off based on what I've just said, because I believe they at least have SOMETHING to offer to the realm of brutal Death Metal.

This is extremely well-performed, and the song-structures are pretty involving for the most part. "Inhale The Ghost" kicks things off with walls of impressive, choppy guitar riffs and fast, double-bass-driven grooves. The vocals sound...a lot like Corpsegrinder...but hey, it could be worse! Each song that follows is pretty much along the same path as well, with plenty of time changes and odd times aplenty. Another band I'm reminded of is "False"-era GOREFEST on songs like "Random Bludgeon Battery", a fast and furious metallic assault. My only complaint with many of the songs is the way in which the band seems to insist on slowing down the pace to a dirge halfway through, then returning to the quick double-time again at the end of the song. It becomes a bit predictable, and brings the intensity down several notches almost every time. "Reminiscene" is also a bit "out of place" here it seems, just a piano and female vocals, and on an album like this it just doesn't work (imagine a piano song on "The Bleeding", ouch!).

Overall: great talent on display, great performances all-around, very little to complain about there, but they need to hone their OWN sound in order to capture one's interest any further. With all this talent, I'd expect more from INIQUITY, they're certainly capable of more.

Gabriel Gose

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