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Criminal - Cancer (6,5/10) - Chile - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 31:55
Band homepage: Criminal


  1. Cancer
  2. Force Fed
  3. Alma Muerta
  4. Savagery
  5. Control
  6. Green
  7. Play God
  8. Above And Beyond
  9. El Azote
  10. Greed Killing
Criminal - Cancer
The latest offering of Chilean CRIMINAL is a little short. A little more than 30 minutes for 35 Marks? Rather questionable, hm? Anyway, there are a few videso-clips as compensation on the European version! God bless the PC-users, because all others are left in the dark. There also are examples for famous Thrash-albums that had been even shorter...But let's concentrate on the album at hand!

Friends of more "modern" Thrash-bands like MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA or MESHUGGAH should already count the money for this one. But also people, who like the new SLAYER might like this bunch of hate turned sound. I personally rather prefer the old school, so "Cancer" gets only 6,5 points. This is more the mid-paced stuff with the obligate, monotonous hate-screaming.

The musicianship also is beyond doubt, the sound quite good, but the vocals somehow lack expression, just as with SEPULTURA. With them it also had been the vocals, which had turned be off. If Thrash, then I take KREATOR, SODOM & DESTRUCTION!

Ralf Henn

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