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Diabolicum - The Dark Blood Rising (3/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Code666
Playing time: 45:01
Band homepage: Diabolicum


  1. March Of The Misanthrope
  2. Heavens Die
  3. ....
  4. The Hatecrowned Retaliation
  5. The War Tide (All Out Genocide)
  6. The Dark Blood Rising
  7. Sound The Horns Of Reprisal
  8. Bloodspawn
  9. The Song Of Suffering (Eleven Blades Of Darkness)
  10. Into The Dementia
  11. The Nemesis Speaks...
Diabolicum - The Dark Blood Rising
Ah, finally an original band-name - DIABOLICUM... And when you then take a look at the cover, then I just won't get rid of the feeling that MARDUK is not completely unknown to their compatriots.

And the first impression is correct, mainly very fast Black Metal, often quite repetitive, is the dish of this platter. What makes the band differ from the legions of other bands (at least a slight bit) is the use of keyboards/piano and that the main colour of the booklet is white! Not too usual...

What is very negative is the monotony of the fast passages and even more the drum-computer, which really hurts my ears. That there are a few quite tasteless photos in the booklet, I won't even count that in anymore...

The only ray of light in this case is "The Song Of Suffering (Eleven Blades Of Darkness)", on which HOLLENTHON's Martin Schirenc has taken over the lead vocals and there also are some very good cleanly sung passages, which is mostly held in rather slow- to mid-paced tempo with quite many melodies. One point extra for this song alone!

Who doesn't need variability, good song-structures and melodies might like DIABOLICUM, I'll pass this one on to you, Wes...

Alexander Melzer

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