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Stormlord - At The Gates Of Utopia (8,5/10) - Italy - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 46:54
Band homepage: Stormlord


  1. Under The Samnites Spears
  2. I Am Legend
  3. Xanadu
  4. And Winter Was
  5. At The Gates Of Utopia
  6. The Curse Of Medusa
  7. The Burning Hope
  8. A Sight Inwards
  9. The Secrets Of The Earth
Stormlord - At The Gates Of Utopia
They are getting better and better, the Italians of STORMLORD. After three EPs and one longplayer ("Supreme Art Of War") their mixture of Power Metal and symphonic Black Metal is sounding more mature than ever.

The integration of some tenor-vocals and choirs also add an interesting note to the band's sound. But the lead-vocals or rather the screeching of front-demon Christano Borchi is something you'll have to get used to before, because he is pretty extreme. Well, I like it and I have to attest STORMLORD an improvement in both arrangements and production. The keyboards still have a quite leading role in the sound of the Romans, but are not mixed as much to the foreground anymore as on the EP "The Curse Of Medusa".

I'd like to pick out the furious opener "Under The Samnites Spears", "Xanadu" (no RUSH-cover-version!) or the closing "The Secrets Of The Earth", which are the highlights of the album. But there are no really bad songs either to be found on this killer-album. The band knows how to create variety within their songs and achieve a lot of tension by precise changes and the variable vocals!

Formidable, the chef would say. A titbit for all friends of black sounds or tolerant Power Metal-fans!

Ralf Henn

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