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Radio Werewolf - Love Conquers All (5/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Avantgarde
Label: Gymnastic
Playing time: 53:24
Band homepage: -


  1. praeludium
  2. heidentor
  3. song of the solstice
  4. last laugh
  5. barbarossa
  6. prince wildwolf
  7. salon kitty
  8. sunwheel
  9. strength through joy!
  10. t.w.o.
  11. pleasure dome
  12. luchorpan
  13. love conquers all
Radio Werewolf - Love Conquers All
This band and album are of notable mention mainly because of who the members are and how strange and extreme their ethos is/was. Made up of only two members, RADIO WEREWOLF is none other than Nicholas Shreck and Zeena LaVey (whose father was the infamous founder of the Church of Satan), heads of the notorious Werewolf Order.

As for the music, it's obvious that they have attempted a DEATH IN JUNE/CURRENT 93 sound here, but at best they achieve a nice, remote, strange quality that has helped to make this band and album somewhat of a cult phenomenon. Other than that, Zeena really has no business singing whatsoever. She sucks through and through, but at least the album retains a comic quality because of it. Actually, I stopped listening to this album in 1996, but felt it at least deserved some mention. Who knows? You may want this if you're a collector of some kind.

Eric Thompson

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