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Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity (7,5/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 37:58
Band homepage: Dismember


  1. I Saw Them Die
  2. Massive Killing Capacity
  3. On Frozen Fields
  4. Crime Divine
  5. To The Bone
  6. Wardead
  7. Hallucigenia
  8. Collection By Blood
  9. Casket Garden
  10. Nenia
  11. Life -Another Shape Of Sorrow
Dismember - Massive Killing Capacity

Well I have to admit right away that I'm fond of the Sunlight-sound at least for the guitar sounds. DISMEMBER provides the catchy crunchy riffs on their "Massive Killing Capacity"-album. Much has changed since the debut-LP "Like An Ever Flowing Stream" and the CARNAGE-days.

The style could be described "simply" as melodic Swedish mid-tempo boozing Death Metal as the tracks are from two to four minutes, someone could even say that the material resembles little like old ENTOMBED occasionally.

Matti Kärki's vocals are more shouting than typical Death Metal-growls which fits very well to the music. The album features good riff based songs, but maybe there is too much average material on the album. Thing that the album needs in my opinion is brutality especially on the drumming. Anyway last time I witnessed DISMEMBER live in ´99 I found that the "Massive Killing Capacity"-songs work very well live indeed...

Guest Reviewer Skane Heiskanen

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