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Nunslaughter - Radio Damnation (7/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Barbarian Wrath
Playing time: 54:17
Band homepage: Nunslaughter


  1. Fire
  2. Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest
  3. Midnight Mass
  4. Killed By The Cross
  5. Emperor In Hell
  6. Power Of Darkness
  7. Devil Metal
  8. Death By The Dead
  9. Atheist Ways
  10. I Am Death
  11. Church Bizarre
  12. The Dead Plague
  13. Altar Of The Dead
  14. Blood For Blood
  15. Black Horn Of The Ram
  16. Satanic
  17. It Is I
  18. The Devil
  19. Burn In Hell
  20. INRI
  21. Poisoned Priest
  22. Hell Child
Nunslaughter - Radio Damnation
On April 27th, 2000, underground veterans NUNSLAUHGTER waged unholy, and nothing short of blasphemous war on the listenership of one WRUM radio station based in Cleveland. "Radio Damnation" brings to fans worldwide, chronicles of the events that unfolded that day as NUNSLAUGHTER proceeded with a twenty-two song live broadcast.

The album opens in a hellstorm of screams, evil cries, and general chaos as they blast into the first song of the night, "Fire". You'll notice instantly that the sound quality may be a bit poor due to the environment they're in. However, as the album progresses, it gets increasingly tolerant to the point you won't even notice any more.

Much to their credit, NUNSLAUGHTER pull off a near flawless performance. I guess those are the rewards from over a decade of practice. So really, I've got nothing negative to flag here with regards to the actual songs. What can I say, if you're into early sounding Thrash/Death, and you're not easily offended, then chances are you'll dig this!

…Now then, the songs are one matter, but when NUNSLAUGHTER attempt to address the listeners in between songs.. well that's quite another. Better left for dead are the cheesy, foolish, and awkward sounding intervals between songs that serve only to discredit whatever sinister image NUNSLAUGHTER were shooting for. After such a long career of doing this, these guys should at least be able to come up with some convincing segments. I mean it sounds like a fucking 'Monsters Of Sesame Street'-convention in there - minus the wit! At times they themselves must realize this, as they frequently toss around 'cool' life-saving cuss words in a weak attempt to salvage their plummeting image and dialogue. By the end, Muppet #2 can't help but to laugh at what I can only assume is his realization of how ridiculous they sound. I'm sure NUNSLAUGHTER-fans would agree after hearing such nonsense that a live performance/interview broadcast would have been much less embarrassing.

None the less, as I've said, the music on here is grade A (relative to the circumstances) and if you're already a fan of NUNSLAUGHTER, you'll enjoy the flavouful set list they performed.

…on another note, it sure makes for entertaining listening if you're bored on a Friday night.

Carl Wood

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