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Iron Fire - Thunderstorm (8,5/10) - Denmark - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: T&T
Playing time: 61:36
Band homepage: Iron Fire


  1. The Final Crusade
  2. When The Heroes Fall
  3. Rise Of The Rainbow
  4. Metal Victory
  5. Thunderstorm
  6. Behind The Mirror
  7. Warriors Of Steel
  8. The Battle Of Freedom
  9. Glory To The King
  10. Angel Of Light
  11. Until The End
  12. Riding Free
  13. Under Jolly Roger
Iron Fire - Thunderstorm

HAMMERFALL and co. already had been called a new generation of Power Metal-bands and now, only three years later, the next one has arrived. After SONATA ARCTICA now the Danes of IRON FIRE are moving into the spotlight.

Just like their Finnish colleagues, this quintet doesn't put too much emphasis on originality, but the freshness they are transferring is just infectious. Take a bit of HELLOWEEN, mix it with a big spoonful of RUNNING WILD and add some EDGUY and you have the thunderstorm.

I see it coming that many will start whining "who needs bands like IRON FIRE", but don't let them take away the fun from this CD, because be honest: Who is really original anymore these days, hm?

So check out "The Final Crusade", "Rise Of The Rainbow" or "Thunderstorm" and enjoy yourself, the guys have deserved it!

Oh yes, before I forget it. The limited DigiPak-edition also has a cover-version on it: "Under Jolly Roger", a kind of tribute to a big influence to the band, hehe.

Alexander Melzer

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