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Hollenthon - Domus Mundi (9/10) - Austria - 1999

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 45:17
Band homepage: Hollenthon


  1. Enrapture-Hinc Illae Lacrimae
  2. Homage-Magni Nominis Umbra
  3. Vestige-Non Omnis Moriar
  4. Lure-Pallida Mors
  5. Interlude-Ultima Ratio Regum
  6. Reprisal-Malis Avibus
  7. Premonition-Lex Talionis
  8. Eclipse-Vita Nova
Hollenthon - Domus Mundi
This release came as quite a surprise to me. Featuring persuasive symphonic backdrops, Gregorian choirs, memorable anthemic Metal-riffs and an uncanny penchant for infectious ethnic melodies, "Domus Mundi" ranks as one of the finest, most under-appreciated Metal-albums I have ever heard. And one of the elements that makes this album such an inviting listen, is the peculiar identity which each song possesses, thus distinguishing each song as a veritable masterpiece in its own right. Except for maybe "Premonition", every song is a stunner.

"Enrapture" starts out much like an orchestrally supported MORBID ANGEL, featuring Black vocals from PUNGENT STENCH's Martin Schirenc and some truly inspiring operatic and symphonic samples. "Homage" moves into a defiant war-march, finally ending in a truly inspiring, guitar-led chorus: absolutely classic Metal to the core, yet wholly modern. "Vestige" begins its gallop in a way that sounds strangely, yet beautifully, like some kind of odd mix between classic MANOWAR and an ancient Celtic hymn. "Reprisal" presents a new turn on Black Metal with mysterious backing chants that sound like they were supplied by a local witch-coven; simply compelling. And last but not least, "Eclipse" closes the album out with an epic, unequivocally timeless, dark Heavy Metal-anthem that grabbed my attention immediately, not letting go until the last note, making me look at that tiny little disc in my player with nothing but pure awe.

Yes, folks, it's that good, and you need it. Period.

Eric Thompson

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