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Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods (9/10) - Sweden - 1991

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 56:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Twilight Of The Gods
  2. Through Blood By Thunder
  3. Blood And Iron
  4. Under The Runes
  5. To Enter Your Mountain
  6. Bond Of Blood
  7. Hammerheart
Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods
"Twilight Of The Gods" basically is the sequel to the "Hammerheart"-album, an evolution of the epic/slow-paced Viking Metal that master Quorthon had created back then.

What strikes immediately is the fact that the one-man-band has gotten better in every department. Quorthon's clear voice sounds more powerful and steady than two years before, sure, he'll never turn into a vocal wonder, but his voice still fits the sound very well. This (the sound) has more or less stayed the same, forceful, mostly slow-paced songs dominate the album, which much pathos and epics, suiting the equally pathetic lyrics.

The arrangements are rounder, more flowing than before, everything has its place and forms a pretty impressive total package, which is further enhanced by the far better production.

The songs themselves also are better, mammoth-tracks like "Twilight Of The Gods" or "Blood And Iron" or the acoustically ennobled "To Enter Your Mountain" in my opinion even today are still classics of this style, while the highlight, similar to "Hammerheart" is hidden at the very end of the album, bearing just that title, "Hammerheart". Being an excerpt of Gustav Holst's opus "The Planets", Quorthons excels with deep, clear vocals with keyboards, a classical melody and the rush of the wind. Brilliant!

Even though some have a completely different opinion on this album, I still deem "Twilight Of The Gods" the crown of the creative achievements of BATHORY and everybody, who claims to be a fan of this style just has to have this album!

Alexander Melzer

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