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Negura Bunget - Maiastru Sfetnic (7/10) - Romania - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Bestial Records
Playing time: 59:09
Band homepage: Negura Bunget


  1. Vremea Locului Sortit
  2. Ini-Zvicnirea Apusului
  3. A-Vint In Abis
  4. Al Locului
  5. Bruiestru
  6. Plecaciunea Mortii
Negura Bunget - Maiastru Sfetnic

Black Metal from Timisoara, Transsylvania. "Maiastru Sfetnic" is the third album of Romania's NEGURA BUNGET and if you have to sum it up in a few words, then that you won't get the typical standard Black Metal album...

When putting the CD into the player you see that the six songs stretch over more than 56 minutes and the first notes of opener "Vremea Locului Sortit" show that NEGURA BUNGET are somewhat different. Musically they float between really heavy and fast parts and atmospheric passages with keyboards and nice melodies and enrich the whole thing with a few breaks.

Even if you speak Romanian I doubt that you'd get too much of the lyrics, Hypogrammos Disciple's' vocals not only are quite harsh, but also a little underrepresented in the mix, but who knows, maybe it was intended... Overall the sound sometimes is a little, hm, adventurous and gives the album a certain undergroundy aura, and again you cannot be sure, if with this sub-genre of Metal this isn't intentional again...

Anyway, who likes Underground-Black Metal with quite a lot of variety that does not follow the standard lines and doesn't essentially need a crystal-clear sound should give "Maiastru Sfetnic" a chance, you'll get something that you do NOT have in your CD-shelf manifold already!

Alexander Melzer

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