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Gravewurm - Ancient Storms Of War (2/10) - Netherlands - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Barbarian Wrath
Playing time: 44:30
Band homepage: -


  1. At The Gates Of Armageddon
  2. Riders Of The Cursed One
  3. On Icy Planes I Die
  4. Nocturnal Spells
  5. Dwellers Of Darkness
  6. Descend Into the Underground
  7. Slaughtered On The Altar
  8. Beneath The Moonfog
  9. Cranial Splendour
  10. Ancient Storms Of War
  11. The Dark Horde
  12. Cadaveric Dementia
  13. A Once Forgotten Kingdom
  14. The Gorging
  15. Rise From The Crypts
  16. Possessed By Darkness
  17. Black Candles
Gravewurm - Ancient Storms Of War
I'm not beating around the bush with this one. GRAVEWURM's, "Ancient Storms Of War" is terrible.

Okay, okay, to be honest, it sounds like these guys were fucked over by their production. It would seem as though someone had the bright idea of simply turning every dial up to maximum, giving the listeners what falls just short of a wall of fuzz as the final product. As far as Metal goes, I despise fuzz. Six strings in Metal should crunch. In addition, fine touches on the album are paid little, if any heed to what so ever. For example, text book fade-outs, which end pretty much every one of the seventeen tracks here, are done in such an out of the blue, and amateurish manner, you can't help but to question if anyone really gave a shit, or just wanted to get this over with as quickly as humanly possible.

It would be unfair to blame the downfall of this album solely on their producer however. At best, there are a fraction of tunes here that even remotely interest me in some way, whether it be a groovy toe-taper (figuratively speaking of course), or a quick double-bass tremor. However, those are few, and very far between; finding one that's able to entertain me for more than thirty seconds amongst this virtual hay stack can prove somewhat difficult.

Instrumentally, GRAVEWURM seem to have no major problems with their musicianship (excusing for now the fact that there is nothing terribly above mediocre on here anyhow). It would have been nice if vocalist Tyrant had pushed himself beyond his somewhat monotone range, but I guess I should have figured by now, that would be a bit too much to expect.

Overall, a juvenile excuse for Metal. Hopefully GRAVEWURM can address these issues in time for another release.

Carl Wood

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