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Paradise Lost - Draconian Times (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1995

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 48:57
Band homepage: Paradise Lost


  1. Enchantment
  2. Hallowed Land
  3. The Last Time
  4. Forever Failure
  5. Once Solemn
  6. Shadowkings
  7. Elusive Cure
  8. Yearn For Change
  9. Shades Of God
  10. Hands Of Reason
  11. See Your Face
  12. Jaded
Paradise Lost - Draconian Times
"Draconian Times" continues, where "Icon" had left off. Everything sounds rounder and sometimes also a little, hm, less heavy. Crunchy riffs entwine with gothic passages, sewn together by the unique guitar-melodies of the duo Mackintosh/Aedy and Master Holmes' vocals, who sounds more melancholic and expressive than ever.

You won't find any traces of the Death Metal of their beginnings anymore, but it had not been an abrupt change, but a true evolution of the doomy darkness, the melancholic heaviness, just PARADISE LOST...

It all starts out with the quite atmospheric and catchy opener "Enchantment", which convinces by its intensity, while the piano-elements of "Hallowed Land" in union with the driving chorus show impressively that PARADISE LOST anno 1995 master the split between heaviness, melancholy and atmosphere. The first single "The Last Time" then is a little disappointing, lacking the depth, sounding a little too, well, happy almost, a little too superficial...

But this, and I mean depth, can be found galore on "Forever Failure", introduced by a Manson-sample (no, not Marilyn, but Charles!), very slow-paced, with a melody dripping of melancholy and Holmes' emotional vocals, while "Once Solemn" for sure is one of the heaviest slabs to be offered by Holmes and Mackintosh in the past years, upper mid-tempo, heavier guitars, nice diversion. But do not fear, "Shadowkings" and the relatively gothic-sounding "Elusive Dream" show the PARADISE LOST-typical sadness in all its splendour again.

While "Yearn For Change" sounds more direct and is moving more in the mid-paced regions, "Shades Of God" sinks us in pure melancholy and sends us into dark dreams full of visions of unfathomable sadness, so if you've just been dumped by your girl-friend, better stay wide of this song, I don't know what you would do... A masterpiece for itself... "Hands Of Reason" convinces by its irresistible guitar-line, before "See Your Face" contains more Gothic-elements and comes over a good tad faster. The closing "Jaded" finally let's us out in slow-paced melancholy again...

What "Draconian Times" is missing are such hits like "Embers Fire" or "True Belief" of the "Icon"-album, but still a great album!

Alexander Melzer

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