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Silver - s/t (8/10) - V/A - 2001

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Point Music
Playing time: 51:22
Band homepage: -


  1. Silver
  2. Pretender
  3. Sister Love
  4. Marianna
  5. Christine
  6. She Was Mine
  7. Walk The Stage
  8. Sergei's Revenge
  9. Brother Kill Brother
  10. The Writer
  11. Far Behind
  12. No More Tears
  13. Silverous
Silver - s/t
Heh, now that's an all-star-line-up again... Gary Barden - Bernie Tormé - Marco Minnemann - Don Airey - Michael Voss and among the song-writers also an Andreas Bruhn...

Unfortunately supergroups like this one often tend to live off their names more than the music, but in the case of SILVER it was really worth it. The self-titled debut contains excellent melodic Hard Rock and thanks to the clear and powerful production sounds absolutely up-to-date and modern, without drifting off into any trendy regions.

The songs offer everything that you could expect from a good Rock-album, grand melody-lines, crunchy guitars, round keyboard-layers, velvety yet powerful vocals, everything in well-arranged compositions, which here and there remind a little of the Voss-bands CASANOVA and also DEMON DRIVE, but without coming even close to sounding like them.

Songs like the opener "Silver", "Pretender" or "Marianna" all are classy material and make "Silver" an essential buy for each genre-fan! Really!

Alexander Melzer

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