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Conception - The Last Sunset (9/10) - Norway - 1991

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 52:15
Band homepage: Conception


  1. Prevision
  2. Building A Force
  3. War Of Hate
  4. Bowed Down With Sorrow
  5. Fairy's Dance
  6. Another World
  7. Elegy
  8. The Last Sunset
  9. Live To Survive
  10. Among The Gods
Conception - The Last Sunset
At first released as an indie-album, "The Last Sunset" ler to a contract with Berlin-based label Noise Records - more than deserved, because what CONCEPTION is offering us here is slightly progressive Melodic Metal of the highest level!

Borne by Roy Khan's unique voice and Tore Østby's filigree, partly flamenco-influenced guitarwork the Norwegians are giving us a ride that you do not find often.

After the calm intro "Prevision" "Building A Force" leaps at you, thundering double-bass, shredding guitars with filigree leads and Khans velvety yet powerful voice, a true tour de force! Try to play the guitar-line of "War Of Hate" - I guess that many hobby-guitarists will break their fingers trying it, and the quality-level in terms of guitar-wizardry is more than amazing (I just say Flamenco), Khan's voice, well, no need to elaborate anymore…

CONCEPTION also are a bit rougher and more experimental than on the following albums, but this also fits very well, as well as they do not orient them on any given standards, but have the courage to use different harmonies, like the ballad "Bowed Down With Sorrow" proves impressively.

But there is still one stroke of extra genius, more then ten minutes long, at the end of the album, titled "Among The Gods". This song might very well be the best thing that CONCEPTION ever has done, thundering guitars meet pure flamenco, very varied arrangement with another brilliant vocal performance by Khan - there can be only one word for it: GENIUS!

A more than remarkable debut for this quartet, having created an absolute genre-highlight that still finds its way into my CD-player fairly often, because the combination of the different styles and sounds is just plainly fascinating...

Alexander Melzer

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