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Conception - Parallel Minds (9/10) - Norway - 1995

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 46:37
Band homepage: Conception


  1. Water Confines
  2. Roll The Fire
  3. And I Close My Eyes
  4. Silent Crying
  5. Parallel Minds
  6. Silver Shine
  7. My Decision
  8. The Promiser
  9. Wolf's Lair
  10. Soliloquy
Conception - Parallel Minds
Label-wise released roundabout two months BEFORE the real debut, "Parallel Minds" shows us matured CONCEPTION, the compositions are rounder and more compact, as you can hear in the opening up-tempo-track "Water Confines".

Musically they have stayed true to their sound, slightly progressive Melodic Metal, which mainly lives off Tore Østby's guitar-wizardry and Khan's brilliant vocals, but both elements are always used for the good of the song, no solo-escapades ruining the flow of the songs or one part growing too dominant. Just as on the debut the production is more than convincing either, each instrument has its clear sound, everything is coming over very powerful.

More classics are "Roll The Fire", more mid-paced, very direct, very intense, great atmosphere, the great ballad "Silent Crying", "The Promiser" with its excellent lyrics and the almost nine-minute "Soliloquy", which covers almost all facets of Melodic/Progressive Metal…

Even though I miss the flamenco-parts of "The Last Sunset", still a great album by a great band, both thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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