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Conception - Flow (7/10) - Norway - 1998

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 43:55
Band homepage: Conception


  1. Gethsemane
  2. Angel (Come Walk With Me)
  3. A Virtual Lovestory
  4. Flow
  5. Cry
  6. Reach Out
  7. Tell Me When I'm Gone
  8. Hold On
  9. Cardinal Sin
  10. Would It Be The Same
Conception - Flow
Oh, no Albers-cover anymore, no great logo anymore, just this green, hm, something, which shows one of the heads of the "Parallel Minds"-cover, but quite modern and, well, a little unimpressive… But you shouldn't judge an album by its cover, so let's put this silver disc into the player, full of hope for another killer from CONCEPTION…

Hm, the Norwegians don't sound as accessible and flowing anymore, mainly because of the more modern guitar-sound and also Khan's voice has been tortured by some distortion here and there, which takes away a lot off a track like "A Virtual Lovestory" and also "Angel (Come Walk With Me)" isn't my cup of tea anymore. The modern rhythm of a "Flow" is more then made up for by the quality of the melodies and of course Khan's voice, sounds different, but not bad!

"Cry" starts out calm and balladesque and rises in intensity and heaviness throughout the song, offering us the typical CONCEPTION-guitar-melodies before returning to the calm of the waters of the start, a very strong song! But the sobering process starts right away with "Reach Out", much more modern, with some electronic sound-experiments and a strangely reigned-in sounding Khan, including a chorus that is no match for his powerful voice and the class of the compositions of the Norwegians! And "Tell Me When I'm Gone" with its modern, fairly unmelodic chorus is drained away by the same vortex…

After the very good, calm ballad "Hold On" "Cardinal Sin" is bringing back the vibe of the earlier albums, catchier, with guitars in the style of the previous efforts and Khan also gets more space to unfold his magic, more of that! The last remaining song is "Would It Be The Same"; which combines the already classic melody-lines with a few modern guitars, which do nothing to take away the strength of the song…

All in all an album that leaves a very split impression, strong compositions like "Gethsemane", "Flow", "Cry", "Hold On", "Cardinal Sin" and "Would It Be The Same" go hand in hand with modern stuff like "A Virtual Lovestory", "Angel (Come Walk With Me)", "Reach Out" or "Tell When I'm Gone" that completely miss my personal taste, so "only"

Alexander Melzer

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