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Consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis (7/10) - V/A - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 58:34
Band homepage: Consortium Project II


  1. Continuum In Extremis
  2. Asylum Seekers
  3. The Catalyst
  4. Intrusions Of Madness
  5. Lapse Of Reason
  6. Mirror Image
  7. Sentiment In Sanctuary
  8. What You Sow, You Reap
  9. Asphyxia
  10. Collide-o-scope
  11. Poetic Justice
Consortium Project II - Continuum In Extremis
Well, the list of participants on "Continuum In Extremis" is truly impressive: Ian Parry (Vocals, ELEGY, Ex-VENGEANCE, -HAMMERHEAD), Dirk Bruinenberg (Drums, ELEGY), Gnter Wern (Keyboards, VANDEN PLAS, tour-keyboarder KAMELOT), Patrick Rondat (Guitars, ELEGY, Jean-Michel Jarre), Thomas Youngblood (Guitars, KAMELOT). Yet what lurks behind the big names and the title of CONSORTIUM PROJECT II?

Progressive Metal, which deservedly bears the expression "Metal"! And partly also "progressive" in the sense of sometimes strange sounding harmonies, which bulk before entering your ears. Musically, as you could expect from the names, everything is top-notch, yet the spark just won't catch flame. Everything sounds quite good, but there are no hooks, which make you listen up, no catchy melodies stick to your memory, it all sounds too unspectacular.

As genre-fan you won't make a mistake, if you decided to get "Continuum In Extremis", but it by far is not essential...

Alexander Melzer

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