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Alas - Absolute Purity (6/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 44:37
Band homepage: Alas


  1. Absolute Purity
  2. The Enchanted
  3. Endlessly Searching
  4. Silencing The Sorrow
  5. Loss Of A Life
  6. Tragedies
  7. Quest Of Serenity
  8. Rejection Of What You Perceive
  9. Surmounting The Masses
Alas - Absolute Purity
ALAS is the latest project of Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL) and Martina Astner (ex-THERION, ex-DREAMS OF SANITY). Further starring are former KRUPPS-tour.drummer Howard Davis and Scott Hornick (Ex-RIPPING CORPSE).

"Absolute Purity" is no Death Metal at all, rather they are offering us complex riffery and strange song-structures, combined with the angelic vocals of chanteuse Martina. But still it's no Gothic Metal either. Sounds pretty interesting, I just cannot find any red line within the compositions! You won't remember any melodies, any harmonies, not even after repeated listening!

Sorry, with all respect for the musical demand, but I guess those are no "songs"!

Ralf Henn

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