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Divine Souls - Embodiment (7/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 34:16
Band homepage: Divine Souls


  1. Perished
  2. As Life And Death Collide
  3. Razorsharp
  4. Erase The Burden
  5. Embodiment
  6. Scars
  7. Serenity Of A Departed Soul
  8. In The Absence Of Life
Divine Souls - Embodiment
IN FLAMES!!! This could be the complete review... DIVINE SOULS is a young band from Sweden and I've almost never heard such a close copy to IN FLAMES!

The guitar-melodies are damn close to IN FLAMES, Mattias Lillja's voice is damn close to IN FLAMES, the song-structures are damn close to IN FLAMES, I mean, haven't you yourselves realized somehow that there is a band out there that sounds so very much like you, or rather the other way round? The label-info writes about "one of the most surprising and talented Death Metal-bands from Sweden"… Well, they have tons of talent, but surprising? Surprisingly close to IN FLAMES maybe…

Don't get me wrong, the songs are great, very precise, with an excellent harmony from heaviness and filigree melodies. The guitar-lines are catchy as hell and the compositions are arranged in a very good flow, but why, why have you used sooooooooooooooo little originality? I mean, during "Erase The Burden" I had to check several times that I had not "Only For The Weak" off IN FLAMES' "Clayman"-album.

If there were no IN FLAMES (isn't it somehow characteristic that in a DIVINE SOULS-review the band itself is mentioned twice, but IN FLAMES nine times?), this album would have got at least 8,5 points, but so I can only award them with 7 and it really hurts, but this is just far too obvious, sorry!

Alexander Melzer

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