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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - THEORY IN PRACTICE - The Armageddon Theories

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Theory In Practice - The Armageddon Theories (10/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 38:04
Band homepage: Theory In Practice


  1. Dehumanized
  2. The Visionaire  
  3. "The Armageddon Theories" Phase 1 - Departure (instr.)
  4. Phase 2 - Prophecies
  5. Phase 3 - Carnage Earth
  6. Phase 4 - Embryo
  7. Phase 5 - Posthuman Era
  8. Embodied For War
Theory In Practice - The Armageddon Theories
I feel like it's 1949...

...After digging in the hillside for what seemed like aeons, and sifting daily through the blackened river-rocks near my California mountain home, it happened...

With the sudden blow of my icepick into the cavern wall, a thick layer of dirt and mud peeled effortlessly away, and as I looked closely in the faint light of the cave, a faint thread of sunlight from outside struck a tiny point on the wall, and from that microscopic point came a ray of blinding brightness - brighter than 10,000 suns - shining back at me, directly upon my two darkened eyes.

And as I held my lantern to the wall, the dreamworld I had so tediously built in my mind fell from its foundation, only to arise and coincide with this boldest of realities I had so fortunately found.

Once in awhile, we all find gold. Amidst all the suffering, music remains the gold in a field of feces (ahh...Gabe and his metaphors eh!). The beauty of it all is that there's always more to be discovered (and more feces to be...left...ok I'll stop)! Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes a band like THEORY IN PRACTICE to shake you off of your throne and plunge you a whole new labyrinth of contemplation. Beware, fellow wanderer, this might destroy your stealthy ego for good!!!

OK, so you want descriptions I'm guessing? The musical medium THEORY IN PRACTICE have chosen on "The Armageddon Theories" is what one could (and most likely WOULD) call Technical Death Metal. They use and exploit each aspect of said genre to the fullest, but the way in which it all comes together is, in a rather contradictory sense, "uniformly surreal". In the world of THEORY IN PRACTICE, nothing is set in stone, and nothing is unquestionable.

Abound are:

- constant meter/tempo shifts and time changes - think, perhaps, of ATHEIST'S "Unquestionable Presence" to the 'nth degree on this one

- rich, note-y riffs and rhythmically deconstructed, brilliantly arpeggiated guitar passages - my only comparison might be CYNIC or WATCHTOWER mixed with an occasional neo-classical melody or solo and a strong jazz/fusion influence throughout (ala Al DiMeola or John McLaughlin, if you know your jazz at all)...

- brutal, yet at times subtle and highly cerebral drumming

...colour that mental portrait with some almost EMPEROR-esque atmospherics (and occasional keyboard-SOLOS even), and you're 1/10000000th of the way to the first step to picturing the majesty and complexity, not to mention DEPTH of "The Armageddon Theories".

Am I tooting their horn a bit with these words of worship? Maybe. You must listen and decide for yourself. No amount of colourful rhetoric will show this to you. All I know is that I have discovered musical gold, and will now die a wealthy, happy man...

...unless I get poked to death...

(OK pretend I didn't write that and just skip to the album-rating...)

Gabriel Gose

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