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Garmarna - Hildegard Von Bingen (5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Westpark Music
Playing time: 41:34
Band homepage: -


  1. Euchari
  2. Viridissima Virga
  3. Salvatoris
  4. O Frondens Virga
  5. Unde Quocomque
  6. O Vis Aeternitatis
  7. Virga Ac Diadema
  8. Paso
  9. Kyrie
Garmarna - Hildegard Von Bingen
In Sweden GARMARNA almost are super-stars with their mixture of Folk and medieval music, yet "Hildegard von Bingen" is my first contact with this band and I have to say that I had hoped for more...

Apparently the Swedes have discovered electronics and the modern sounds and decided to use these as equal part of their music, which my ears really do not like to hear... Musically the album is based on the chants and compositions of the title-donator Hildegard von Bingen, a abbot, doctor, composer and much more. These have been transferred into the here and now by GARMARNA, including some violin and lyre...

The vocals of Emma Härdelin are, hm, well, you really have to get used to them, also because of the rather strange-seeming vocal-lines, which don't match today's standards, but within this also lies a certain appeal. But the main-problem for me (a little similar to the latest offering by ULVER) is that the modern elements, like breakbeat, electronic sounds and similar stuff, drown out the folky or medieval atmosphere far too often or sometimes even replace it.

With all demand and all originality, this album just has too little to offer me, also because I don't like this musical mixture of past and present...

Alexander Melzer

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