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Solitude Aeturnus - Beyond The Crimson Horizon (9,5/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Roadracer
Playing time: 43:31
Band homepage: Solitude Aeturnus


  1. Seeds Of The Desolate
  2. Black Castle
  3. The Final Sin
  4. It Came Upon One Night
  5. The Hourglass
  6. Beneath The Fading Sun
  7. Plague Of Procreation
  8. Beyond...
Solitude Aeturnus - Beyond The Crimson Horizon
SOLITUDE AETURNUS stood before a really difficult task indeed, to create a worthy follow-up to their debut-killer "Into The Depths Of Sorrow". Many had their doubts that the Texans would succeed, but with "Beyond The Crimson Horizon" they proved that did not only match the quality, but even topped it!

But let's start at the beginning. Musically they haven't really changed, but rather refined and polished their style, the wide riffs, the epic melodies still are there, they still incorporate faster passages and the brilliant voice of Robert Lowe has turned even better than before!

Opening "Seeds Of The Desolate" impresses with its cleverly implemented faster passages, which give the Americans' Power Doom tons of dynamics and Lowe's vocals are just incredible! After celebrating pure Doom (the SOLITUDE AETURNUS-way) of highest class on "Black Castle" and "The Final Sin" again is spiced up with very well arranged (relative) "speed-bursts", the atmospheric intro of "It Came Upon One Night" captures your soul and leads it into a world of darkness and elegies, just to rise into a song that can hardly be surpassed in dynamics. From pure Doom to driving double-bass, the guitars with the right crunch and a great solo and Lowe's voice spanning the whole spectrum from elegiac to aggressive... An absolute killer!!

But SOLITUDE AETURNUS wouldn't be SOLITUDE AETURNUS, if that already had been everything: "The Hourglass"... A lead-guitar is swirling around you, creating an oriental melody that almost sends you off into the Arabian Night-stories and this melody haunts you all through the following Power Doom-classic! After the pure Doomer "Beneath The Fading Sun", the band sets all creative guns blazing once more with "Plague Pf Procreation". Very variably arranged Epic Power Doom with strong chorus and yet another excelsior vocal performance just puts the album even notch higher than before! And the closing "Beyond..." is an instrumental of pure Doom with a bell as melody-leading instrument, great closer!

So, just like said at the beginning, SOLITUDE AETURNUS managed something with "Beyond The Crimson Horizon" that almost nobody would have thought possible, they could not only keep up the very high standard of "Into The Depths Of Sorrow", but set the standard even higher - this album has a very secure space in the Olympus of Doom Metal!!!

Alexander Melzer

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