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Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare (10/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 54:14
Band homepage: Jag Panzer


  1. Take To he Sky
  2. Frozen In Fear
  3. Unworthy
  4. The Silent
  5. The Scarlet Letter
  6. Choir Of Tears
  7. Cold Is The Blade (And The Heart That Bears It)
  8. Hidden In My Eyes
  9. Power Surge
  10. All Things Renewed
Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare
Does the perfect Metal-album sound like this? For me it does! What JAG PANZER are offering us on this album is just purest genius! Above all the phenomenal vocal performance of Harry Conklin, who really is reaching new all-time-highs here. Never the vocals had been arranged that elaborately and variably. The Tyrant pulls all stops!

But the songs themselves are alive and energetic and excellently produced. An album without flaws. Who doesn't get this one, well, it's your own fault! I for my part am absolutely enthused by such killer-tracks like majestic opener "Take To The Sky", the following fast "Frozen In Fear" and even more "Unworthy" with its Gregorian chants are among the very best that the PANZER ever has created. Even the, in my opinion, weakest track "The Scarlet Letter" still is far above the average.

Just as usual the finale is made up by an epic killer of the "The Moors"-class and is called "All Things Renewed". I don't know what you think, but a song like "Hidden In My Eyes" reminds me so much of the brilliant TITAN FORCE! But I don't want to get into each song, telling you how great it is, but this album rules! For sure there again will be some grumblers complaining that it is not a second "Ample Destruction", but those pseudo-nostalgiacs cannot be helped anyway. Guys, we have 2001 and JAG PANZER won't make any steps back anymore, they confidently are striding forward!

Of course it had been a milestone, but what once had been will never be again! You should thank the Metal-god that we still have such brilliant acts like JAG PANZER that do pure Metal beyond Happy Metal or Hip-Hop-influences! I am not worthy!!!

Ralf Henn

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