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Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelation (Re-Release) (8/10) - Brazil - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 46:40
Band homepage: Krisiun


  1. Creation's Scourge
  2. Kings Of Killing
  3. Apocalyptic Victory
  4. Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness)
  5. March Of Black Hordes
  6. Vengeance's Revelation
  7. Rites Of Defamation
  8. Meaning Of Terror
  9. Rises From Black
  10. They Call Me Death (Bonus)
  11. Unholy Blasphemies (Bonus)
  12. Silent Scream (Bonus)
Krisiun - Apocalyptic Revelation (Re-Release)
There's just no beating around the bush where KRISIUN are concerned. These Brazilians are dead set on creating the purest, most unrelenting audial sodomy ever conceived. Their importance in Death Metal, while often disputed, cannot be denied in any way. It's because of bands like this that extreme Death Metal is able to advance to the next level. In this case, that level is mainly "PURE FUCKING SPEEEEEEEED!"......

On "Apocalyptic Revelation", these three siblings have some serious "Death Metal ESP" going on, because I can swear that in every song, the guitars and drums are totally out-of-synch on many occasions, but then the drummer will hit a crash cymbal and the band will go blasting into another riff, right on cue. It's a trait I don't think I've ever heard in Death Metal, unless you count bands like CARCASS, but the way that KRISIUN do it is entirely more colossal and deadly sounding, especially come solo-time.

All I can say about those solos is: UNHOLY SHIT! Moyses Kolesne has officially dethroned "The Key" (by NOCTURNUS) on my list of "Death Metal albums with the most sweep-picking" with his inconceivable dexterity on the upper fretboard! To this day, I've never witnessed KRISIUN live, but now I will make it my personal mission to see this kind of music performed in a "set", just to see if the three of them have the stamina such music demands.

One can't help but admire the fact that this band has the iron balls to grind constantly on EVERY song they play. It's not the most "original" of approaches, but that's not to say it won't cut your balls off (even if they are made of iron...consider this stuff Satan's fact I think "KRISIUN" translates to "Satanic Scrotum Slicer" in punjabi).

Although this lacks the brutal memorability and HUGE production found on "Conquerors Of Armageddon", it still does the (blow)job well...Oh, and this re-issued version I got has three cool bonus tracks, including SLAYER's classic "Silent Scream" which, when put through the KRISIUN-izer, is almost unrecognisable, but still one meaty motherfucker of a tune any way you slice-and-dice it, eh! If you want originality, ummm...nope...sorry...but if you suffer from constipation, forget Metamucil, this will force the shit right out of you...

Gabriel Gose

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