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Nagelfar - Virus West (7/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Ars Metalli
Playing time: 62:04
Band homepage: Nagelfar


  1. Hellebarn
  2. Sturm der Katharsis
  3. Hetzjagd in Palästina
  4. Westwall
  5. Fäden des Schicksals
  6. Protokoll einer Folter
  7. Meuterei
Nagelfar - Virus West
German NAGELFAR (not to be confused with the Swedes of NAGLFAR!) have passed me by unnoticed with their albums so far, so I cannot compare their current epos with their early works, all I still can remember is that they had caused some controversy, also because of their German lyrics.

You can find those on "Virus West", too, but there are enough bands that deal with the same topics, only in English and nobody gives a s**t then... Anyway, on to the music. With a playing time of more than 62 minutes and only seven songs it's dawned me that this album is no standard-run-of-the-mill-Black Metal and that is just the case. Mostly very long songs (many more than ten minutes) cover the whole spectrum of Black Metal, from nihilistic and furious to slow-paced and melodic you will find everything, often combined in one song.

Due to the length of the songs and the diversity of elements it is almost impossible to pick out one specific track. The production is beyond doubts, I only say Stage One Studio and Andy Classen…

All fans of very varied Black Metal that have no issues with German lyrics and neither have an allergy against brutal or very melodic passages should put "Virus West" on their list of still-to-be-checked albums, because you'll get something that really differs from the majority of other bands.

Alexander Melzer

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