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Vicious Rumors - Welcome To The Ball (9,5/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Atlantic
Playing time: 45:05
Band homepage: Vicious Rumors


  1. Abandoned
  2. You Only Live Twice
  3. Savior From Anger
  4. Children
  5. Dust To Dust
  6. Raise Your Hands
  7. Strange Behavior
  8. Six Stepsisters
  9. Mastermind
  10. When Love Comes Down
  11. Ends Of The Earth
Vicious Rumors - Welcome To The Ball

Carl Albert! The missing link in the chain of VICIOUS RUMORS after his untimely death. After that the band never has been the same and will never ever be again. I can still recall back then in 1992, when the band played the "Ultimate Power Force"-tour together with METAL CHURCH and ZODIAC MINDWARP and we played with a mini-football in front of the venue...

He's been one of the nicest guys you could possibly imagine, open, nice, and so down to earth, it is an honour to be able to have these memories of him! And as good as his voice sounds on CD, he's been of the extremely few singers that sounded even better live, which was a real achievement with his performance on the albums!

"Welcome To The Ball" is my personal favourite album by VICIOUS RUMORS, no "Digital Dictator" can reach it. I cannot say why, but it is a true milestone in the genre of US-Power Metal, songs like the brilliant double-bass-driven "You Only Live Twice" (still my fave by VR), "Dust To Dust" with its might riff, the driving and shredding "Six Stepsisters", the strong "Ends Of The Earth" and the ballads "Children" and "When Love Comes Down" (yes, here are two ballads, but both are very, very good indeed!) are impressive examples, here you will get the full Power Metal-assault, which sounds anything but happy and also is miles away from HELLOWEEN, not least thanks to Carl Albert, making this album VICIOUS RUMORS and nothing else! An album without weak songs!

Who claims to like Power Metal and doesn't either already have "Welcome To The Ball" or get it immediately will be excommunicated on the spot!

Kneel down in memory of one of the best vocalists that this genre ever has seen!

Alexander Melzer

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