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Poverty's No Crime - One In A Million (9/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 59:25
Band homepage: Poverty's No Crime


  1. The Stolen Eye
  2. Ancient Lies
  3. Incognito
  4. Just A Dream
  5. The Stranger Within
  6. Logan 5
  7. Open To Attack
  8. Point Of View
  9. Dare To Fly
  10. Distant Early Warning (Bonus-Track)
Poverty's No Crime - One In A Million

I regard POVERTY'S NO CRIME as one of the best German bands, even more if you just look into the field of Progressive Metal. For the fourth time they offer us an album, "One In A Million" and again impressively are solidifying their status!

I know only very few other bands (German or not German, doesn't matter), which manage to combine demanding song-writing and incredible accessibility in such a round way. It doesn't matter, which song you might pick, all are oozing brilliant melodies, embedded into compositions, which never even remotely sound shallow or simple, yet always remain accessible.

A very big plus is the extraordinary voice of Volker Walsemann, whose velvety voice perfectly fits into the very harmonic songs. The keyboards are also used in a very song-oriented way, never pushing to the fore. That POVERTY'S NO CRIME never forget to add real crunch to the guitars, where it is needed, well, it fits perfectly...

Normally you should take in this album as a whole, but still I'd like to point the very strgon "Incognito" and "The Stranger Within", the very varied instrumental "Logan 5" and the excellent cover-version of RUSH's "Distant Early Warning" (as bonus-track).

So now Germany has such a great band in this genre, support them!!

Alexander Melzer

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