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My Darkest Hate - Massive Brutality (7/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Vile Music
Playing time: 34:35
Band homepage: My Darkest Hate


  1. Massive Brutality
  2. Torment
  3. Blood Pounding Black
  4. Bleed For Me
  5. Hellspawn
  6. Pain For Lust
  7. War
  8. Tank
  9. Now And Forever
  10. The End
My Darkest Hate - Massive Brutality

So this is the Death Metal-project of Jörg M. Knittel, Oli Großhans (both SACRED STEEL), Klaus Sperling (PRIMAL FEAR) and Rene Pfeifer (AZMODAN)! Four, who set out to celebrate primitive, steam-rolling Death Metal a la BOLT THROWER or CELTIC FROST. OK, the comparison to the first one is quite fitting.

Style-wise you the Swabians cannot negate a certain proximity to the British destruction squad BOLT THROWER. Especially "Torment" could as well have stood on an album of them, for me the highlight on "Massive Brutality". Unfortunately I feel that here we have originality zero. You've heard each riff before, but that applies to almost every second Death-band... I guess that they didn't want to have it any other way. Technically this album is by far on the positive side, but MY DARKEST HATE still don't reach masterpieces like "War Master" or "Realm Of Chaos" (yet)! But I could imagine that there are many people, who will like this music! Live the material should work out really fine, if possible I'll try them out!

Apart from that I really like this album, but it's nothing extraordinary. As it's a debut, I think that we might expect an improvement on the next effort. So who always has had a faible for this kind of Death Metal shouldn't be disappointed! BTW, according to the info we have a "real" band here, project-character or not!

Ralf Henn

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