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Twin Obscenity - Bloodstone (8/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 39:16
Band homepage: Twin Obscenity


  1. Adoration Of The Moon
  2. The Legacy
  3. A Land Forlorn
  4. Dragons Breath
  5. At The Rising Of The Sun
  6. Bloodstone
  7. Terraforming
  8. Serenades Of The Seas
  9. A New Beginning
Twin Obscenity - Bloodstone

For the third time TWIN OBSCENITY are smacking us with their Viking Metal and again it has turned out to be a good portion of black-ish Metal that the quintet is offering us.

For one they are somehow sounding familiar, not only if you know the two previous releases of the band, but also because of the quite characteristic voice of former GEHENNA- and FORLORN-fronter Dolgar. On the other side they are just not the typical, standardised Viking Metal, but brings us some varied and a bit untypical song-structures as well as some equally varied songs, which differ a lot from each other.

So TWIN OBSCENITY are combining Death and Black Metal with strong melodies and also make use of calmer parts, clean guitars and similar stuff, which elevates them from the majority of similar bands, positively I want to add!

The opening "The Legacy" is a prime example for this, with a very good arrangement, slow-paced verse and faster chorus plus strong melodies, while "A Land Forlorn" reduces heaviness a good bit, with female co-lead-vocals and the already mentioned calmer passages and clean guitars. That they also are capable of really heavy stuff is shown to us with the surprisingly hefty "Terraforming" before excelling with brilliant melodies in "Serenades Of The Seas"...

Sure, TWIN OBSCENITY won't win the Oscar for originality, but still they are anything but your standard tread-of-the-mill Viking Metal and with stuff of the quality of "Bloodstone" they show that they are able to bring at least some fresh wind into this genre!

Alexander Melzer

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