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Artrosis - In Nomine Noctis (8/10) - Poland - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Rising Sun / Metal Mind
Playing time: 60:11
Band homepage: Artrosis


  1. Hidden Dimension
  2. (
  3. World Without End
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Towards The Top
  6. Nothingness
  7. Crazy
  8. )
  9. The Request
  10. To Evil
  11. Prosba
  12. Ukryty Wymiar
Artrosis - In Nomine Noctis

Gothic Metal from Poland in double-pack. "In Nomine Noctis" is the English version of their second album "W Imie Nocy" from 1998 and in union with their brandnew album "Fetish" it offers us to appraise the evolution of ARTROSIS from their beginnings to the here and now.

What makes ARTROSIS differ from most comparable acts is the fact that they do only use the female vocals of Medeah, so no male counterpart here. Musically they (apart from this difference) do not offer us too much ground-breaking stuff, but it is the performance, the execution that is the key to "In Nomine Noctis" igniting within my ears.

Good arrangements and equally atmospheric and heavy compositions mould together into a homogenous whole, using the balance between the two extremes to maximum effect. Prime examples for this are the opening "Hidden Dimension" and the closing 8+ epos "Ukryty Wymiar", two more songs to be handed out as check-out tips are the PINK FLOYD-influenced "Nothingness" and the almost shamanic sounding "Crazy".

For all who could imagine heavy, but always atmospheric Gothic Metal with a pleasant mid-pitched female voice "In Nomine Noctis" should be a worthy addition to their collection, all others should, as usual, listen to it themselves before buying, but this time around it's really worth it!

Alexander Melzer

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