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Artrosis - Fetish (6/10) - Poland - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Rising Sun / Metal Mind
Playing time: 65:59
Band homepage: Artrosis


  1. Fetish
  2. The Second Face
  3. Under Constraint
  4. Black Truth
  5. Samuel
  6. The Poisoned
  7. Homini Noctis
  8. Cosmos
  9. Ostatni Raz
  10. Mur
  11. Suita
  12. 0100101110
Artrosis - Fetish

Oh… After the excellent "In Nomine Noctis" you really look forward to the brandnew release of Polish Gothic Metallers ARTROSIS and then you get something like this...

OK, the quartet frmo Zielona Gora unfortunately has, just like so many other bands of this genre, found the world of electronics. But not only this, they also reduced the heaviness and replaced it by more Dark Wave-influences. The mixture of this plus the still pleasant, mid-pitched vocals of front-lady Medeah is what you will find on "Fetish", the English version of, ehm, well, "Fetish" (just Polish).

The band's effort to find their own identity is omnipresent, even though it not necessarily is a change for the better in my ears, because especially the electronic frills take away a lot of the power and catchiness, because they also use a few harmonies beyond the normal conventions, which just don't want to enter my ears, no matter how much force I might threaten them with.

But this doesn't mean that they totally glided off into the lows of Synthie Pop, this album just lacks the organic sound of their earlier works, despite the still dark atmosphere and the flow within their compositions. It all starts out with the title-track and a certain THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL-feeling, but after that ARTROSIS delve deeper and deeper into their newly found world, which just isn't mine anymore.

Oh, and don't let yourself be fooled by the remarkable playing time, 13 of the more than 16 minutes of "Ostatni Raz" are nothing, but silence. A desperate (?) attempt to make the whole thing look more impressive than it really is?

Alexander Melzer

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