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Manipulated Slaves - The Legendary Black Jade (8/10) - Japan - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: World Chaos Production
Playing time: 35:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Thrust Sword Into The Earth
  2. The Way Of The Emperor
  3. Woman In The Iron Mask
  4. The Broken Chain
  5. Eyes Filled With Tears
  6. Man From The Horizon
  7. Capital Punishment
  8. Assault Of The Enemy
  9. Bearing The Final Pain
Manipulated Slaves - The Legendary Black Jade

We have here a straight melodic Thrash Metal-band who is very impressive to say the least!!! The name is MANIPULATED SLAVES and they are from Japan.

Well, the CD starts off with a cool operatic intro and goes straight to the Power Metal. The vocals of this band are perfect for the music, very extreme yet subtle when needed in other areas. The guitar attack reminds me of old-school Thrash like GRIM REAPER and the fast parts have even come close to SLAYER.

"The Way Of The Emperor" and "Capital Punishment" are good examples of the band turning up the speed and keeping it technical. A melodic Thrash-offering worth checking out, MANIPULATED SLAVES bring out the old METALLICA- and SLAYER-feeling in their music along with the gothic melody as well.

Oh, and they have a Black Metal-influence very noticeable in the songs they play, not totally, but you can tell they have that evil presence in the music! You'll have to hear to know what I mean!!

Alex Rivera

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