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Witchery - Symphony For The Devil (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 46:44
Band homepage: Witchery


  1. The Storm
  2. Unholy Wars
  3. Inquisition
  4. Omens
  5. Bone Mill
  6. Enshrined
  7. None Buried Deeper
  8. Wicked
  9. Called For By Death
  10. The One Within
  11. Hearse Of The Pharaohs
  12. Shallow Grave
Witchery - Symphony For The Devil

WITCHERY is one of those bands that you could call Black Thrash Metal, yet with a big traditional Heavy Metal-list! The lyrics mostly deal with horror-topics, I guess they are most fitting for this style!

After "Restless And Dead" and "Dead, Hot and Ready" (not forgetting the "Witchburner"-EP...) this is the third longplayer. I have to admit that I think that the relatively simple songs now have better melodies and riffs, they also are really rocking! So definitively nothing for speed-freaks, you could rather call this Black'n'Roll. Sure, Toxin's vocals sound demonic somehow, but I think that purist Black Metal-fans will vomit when listening to this album. WITCHERY anno 2001 just sound too differentiated, even melodic. But a certain roughness still is there.

Songs like the great opener "The Storm" or the furious "Inquisition" for sure are among the best songs WITCHERY ever have created. So you could call this a really very good collection of twelve convincing songs. Simple, but very well thought-through riffs ooze with the flair of the Eighties, which at least I cannot elude.

Fact is that we have the for sure best album in the history of WITCHERY. The other albums had not been bad, but they had lacked that certain something, which you definitively do feel with "Symphony Of The Devil".

Ralf Henn

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