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Sodom - Code Red (5/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 40:29
Band homepage: Sodom


  1. Intro
  2. Code Red
  3. What Hell Can Create
  4. Tombstone
  5. Liquidation
  6. Spiritual Demise
  7. Warlike Conspiracy
  8. Cowardice
  9. The Vice Of Killing
  10. Visual Buggery
  11. Book Burning
  12. The Wolf And The Lamb
  13. Addicted To Abstinence
Sodom - Code Red

SODOM was part of the unholy triad (along with KREATOR and DESTRUCTION) which started a kind of Thrash Metal quite different from the Bay Area-style. This type of Thrash, in most situations labelled as 'German Thrash Metal', influenced a lot of bands back in the mid-to-late Eighties and helped to get over the sluggish decline of the whole genre.

In my opinion, SODOM likely was the most interesting among the above mentioned bands, incorporating a primeval Black Metal-attitude into a clear Thrash-affected background. This is the reason why SODOM have always been respected by the majority of the Black Metal-bands; they were prime movers of a certain sound later retaken and developed by almost the entire Norwegian Black Metal-entourage of early Nineties.

But let's not digress too much from the subject. "Code Red" is an average album. For sure it isn't even unpretentiously comparable with the SODOM glory days' albums, but what the heck, if you know the band, you also know they began to stagnate after "Persecution Mania" (1987), and already on "Agent Orange" (though a neat album on its own) the characteristic early SODOM-sound was lost.

So, if we all are aware that the hey-days of SODOM are definitely over their shoulders, this could even be considered a decent release.

On the musical front, what we have here is a straight thrashfest as a whole, with none of the eleven tracks baring no surprise at all. By the way, every now and then you can notice a remarkable riff on this or that track, but the general impression I had it's that they are just piled together with the rest of rubbishy material, lacking a real intent (capacity?) to turn'em towards a more focused work. In my opinion, the record is a tad sloppy, songwriting-wise. Simply, it seems to have no substance.

But maybe I'm going a little too harsh, by no means the disc is inferior to the 90 percent of the Thrash-albums which are released nowadays, but it's so normal for such a cult band.

As for the line-up, mastermind Tom Angelripper is the one and only original founding member still in the band. This time, his sidekicks are Barnemann, who plays all the guitars on the album, and Bobby on drums. They're both good performers, but on a totally personal standpoint I absolutely miss Chris Witchhunter, the founding member drummer (booted out by the 'dictator' Angelripper after the release of "Tapping The Vein"). I mean, Bobby is very good and maybe more technical than Chris, too, but Witchhunter's own drumming-style was definitely a part of the SODOM-sound, and I admit I liked it very much.

Well, individual bullshit aside, the "thrash 'till death" fans we'll be plausibly on cloud nine while listening to this one, 'cos it pretty gathers up all the clichés of the genre, but it also unmistakably shows the enduring decline of the band.

Luca Moscatiello

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