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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - SEAR BLISS - Grand Destiny

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Sear Bliss - Grand Destiny (8,5/10) - Hungary - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Red Stream
Playing time: 46:39
Band homepage: Sear Bliss


  1. The Slowing Of Time
  2. The World Beyond
  3. Death In Torment
  4. Arx Idolatriae
  5. Labyrinth Of Pain
  6. Hate Blade
  7. Black Heart
  8. God Man
  9. Moments Of Falling
  10. Infinitude
Sear Bliss - Grand Destiny
It was a long time silent around the Hungarian guys of SEAR BLISS. But now the Black Metal band strikes back with their new record "Grand Destiny". This was already recorded in 2000, so it's not a really new album. Unfortunately, I can't tell you why it took such a long time to release that because I don't know the reasons. But who cares, let's on with the music.

After the short and genre typical intro "The Slowing Of Time", the band kicks off with the Black Metal crusher "The World Beyond". I'm instantly reminded of DISSECTION's "The Somberlain". Not only that singer András Nagy sounds like Jon Nödtveidt, the used melodies are very similar to DISSECTION, too. Don't worry, SEAR BLISS are not a DISSECTION clone. Many of the entirely strong songs include orchestral parts, which partly root from synthies but also stem from real musicians. At least all wind instruments are original. So you can again and again listen to a buzzing trumpet between harsh blastbeats in songs like "Death In Torment" or "Arx Idolatriae". SEAR BLISS offer varied things. The mentioned blastbeats, orchestral and epic parts or simple midtempo parts contribute to the variety of the songs.

There is not only primitive shredding to find but also a nice, melodic solo. Just listen to the pretty cool "Black Heart" or "Labyrinth Of Pain", which is my favourite. Of course, it needs sometime to cope with the strange wind instruments. And I also asked myself again and again: "Is this Karl Moik and his Black Metal Stadl?". But if you can deal with them, all songs work out perfectly. The last track "Infinitude" shows the band even dreamy.

All the "true" Blackies won't have some fun with "Grand Destiny" but the others should deal with it, I think. Without overdone praise, you have to range the band into the intersection of bands like DISSECTION, IMMORTAL, MÖRK GRYNING or DIMMU BORGIR, because all bands can be found in the music of SEAR BLISS. But without copying them, like said before. But the Hungarians could work on the sound, it's not 100%. The drums could be more powerful and the whole thing a bit thicker. But that shouldn't take too much away from the class of "Grand Destiny". I'm pretty anxious if the Black Metal exotics will come near to the big ones of the genre. I hope it for them because "Grand Destiny" is really well-executed.

Tips: "The World Beyond", "Labyrinth Of Pain", "Black Heart"... (Online September 13, 2003)

Patrick Weiler

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