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Asgaroth - Red Shift (8,5/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 58:07
Band homepage: -


  1. Naked Eye
  2. Lured Decoy
  3. Cyphred
  4. Bluntness
  5. Buried
  6. Mindscape
  7. Descent To Dion
  8. I, Befouled
  9. 6 Bloodmarks
  10. Sharpedge Solitude
  11. Red Shift…
  12. Naked Eye (Video)
Asgaroth - Red Shift
ASGAROTH are from Spain. That much I already knew before, oh yes, and that they played a sort of Death/Black Metal. I know, that is what makes everybody already await a new album in anticipation, when you do not know at all what will await you. Anyhow, when I put "Red Shift" into my PC at work for the first time (got no CD-player there), I first saw the video for the opening track "Naked Eye" and I must say that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open, because I had not expected much, but definitely not that…

A highly interesting mix of Black Metal and more melodic Metal, highly infectious in its melodies, with keyboards (often used as piano), Black- and clear vocals, almost seamlessly flowing into each other, sometimes almost with an avantgardistic tinge, yet never letting it get to the front. Further supported by a very good production, the songs contained show us nothing that could be called overtly original or even unique, but these five guys manage to give their compositions that certain something that just sets them apart from the rest.

Also within the instrumentation variety is an important factor, for not only in the vocals, but also the guitar-work and the drumming ASGAROTH intelligently surprise us with tempo and intensity shifts, up (or down) to keyboard-atmospheres with acoustic guitars (in the instrumental "6 Bloodmarks"), creating an album that manages to grip you, to lure you into its emotional grip, engaging you…

You don't believe me? Just listen to "Naked Eye", "Lured Decoy", "Cyphred", "Buried", "Descent To Dion" or "Red Shift…" and watch the video for "Naked Eye" to see/hear for yourself. With the music of "Red Shift" ASGAROTH should be able to appeal to a pretty wide range of Metalheads, who likes it atmospheric should feel just as interested as those, who prefer melody and even those, who are open minded Blacksters should definitely check out the latest export from Spain (yes, I know that they are no newcomers anymore) that is more than worth the money! (Online December 11, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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