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Prototype - Cloned (8/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Sublevel
Playing time: 28:50
Band homepage: Prototype


  1. Transcendent Velocity
  2. Mind In Motion
  3. Synthespian
  4. Shine
  5. Seed
  6. Dead Of Jericho
Prototype - Cloned
Wow! Take a healthy portion of Thrash, add a sprinkle of Progressive Metal, throw in some damn good song-writing, and the result is PROTOTYPE. While they are still currently in the demo stages on this CD, the band show a lot of maturity, combining intense melodies with fierce thrashing.

Vocally, Vince shows a mixture of aggressive parts and melodic parts (especially on "Shine" and "Seed"). In fact, that about sums up this CD. It is a happy medium between fierce aggression and melody, with something to please both kinds of fans. And the production ain't bad either!

So, if you like your Metal heavy with memorable and catchy melodies, then check out this great band! You won't be disappointed! I have not heard their more recent material, but if it's as good as this, I'm sold!

Memorable tracks include: "Shine", "Seed" (!!!!!!!!!!), "Dead Of Jericho".

Joshua Drover

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