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Midgard - From Demons And Angels (6/10) - Austria - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 54:14
Band homepage: Midgard


  1. Era
  2. Angels And Demons
  3. Lord Of Darkness
  4. Born To Die
  5. Bloodhound
  6. Aeons
  7. As The Sun Set The Past Time
  8. Timeless
  9. Deep (In My Heart)
  10. Nasty Angel
Midgard - From Demons And Angels
"From Angels And Demons" already is the second longplayer of Wiener Neustadt's MIDGARD. Although their debut received quite good reviews, especially in the Austrian magazines, "Between Heaven And Hell" really doesn't make me listen up.

For friends of traditional Power Metal, who also like ICED EARTH, this CD should be alright. That ICED EARTH most probably are the pinnacle of Power Metal is clear, but in times that every second Fantasy-freak tries himself musically, you should look closely to weed out the stones from the diamonds. MIDGARD are good, the voice has room for improvement and could use some more passion and power. The Death-growls, well, better get rid of them, the bad boys are better with those.

The sound, for a self-production, is absolutely OK. What else? Well, I really cannot overlook this: Are you really serious with the cover? The only valid criterion that you could hold for the artist would be that, for his 3 (?) years of age, he is able to sharpen his crayons very well and doesn't fear the big bad wolf, such a spastic mug really demands a big deal of audacity.

Genre-friends should try out MIDGARD's new CD, I miss originality and the infamous "aha-experience".


Guest review by Thom Kinberger

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